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Membership: Apply New or Renew

Two steps to sign up for membership: 
Step 1

 Fill the Membership form at :
Step 2

Interac/eMail Transfer membership fee to

and include your full name in the memo field

Membership Fees

New Members : $100 (per family)

Renewing Members: $100 (per family)


Membership Fee is not refundable.

Membership period is July to June.

Full year's membership fee is payable even if joining mid year.

Membership Fee is not transferable.

DUMAS Events

We have various events through the year, where members get discounted tickets as a member benefit. 

- Family Picnic

- Onam

- Christmas New Year

- Vishu-Easter

We organize member get togethers that allows members to socialize more closely

- Men's night

- Women's night

- Family Night

- Kids workshops

Gym Admission

Members only gym admission.

We organize gyms multiple times a week from Sep to June. Admission is free for members and family. Games include badminton, volleyball, basketball and other games we organize from time to time.

Community Service

We organize  various community service events. For example

- Terry Fox Run

- Community Cleanup

- Holiday Food Drive

- Sponsor Charity meals in Kerala

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