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How Flowers were brought to Earth!

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Story by Sreya Harieesh, Grade 5.

Long long ago, there were no flowers upon our Earth until a small group of trees came. These trees would stand still, branches open wide, leaves rustling when the wind blows and providing shelter and food toward many animals. The trees had a lot of food, company with other trees and many things that they could do for so many animals, yet they were sad. The trees were really helpful, kind and sensitive. They were sad because they did a lot of great things for the animals but not one of them has been grateful to the poor trees. The trees would have been happier if an animal said a single thank you for the things that the trees do for them but, not a single animal had said that. Also, instead of being grateful, the animals would constantly insult and make fun of the trees whenever they got a chance! They would insult the trees about how they looked. “Ha ha” laughed the rabbit. “Just look at you, big, fat brown trunk and some boring, old, yucky green leaves.” said the rabbit. “You are very plain, old and boring.” Cheetah would say. “Look at me for an example, I can run really fast and have pretty, black spots all over me” boasted the cheetah. “Unlike you we can do very cool stuff, are very polished and have special and awesome features.” shouted all the animals. “ I wonder why mother nature gave such a plain, boring look for you.” sighed the zebra. “Anyway, we better be going. Bye losers.” yelled the animals behind them. The miserably sad trees were too helpless to say or do anything about it. “Hmm” sighed Kahega Gahbow, the tree leader. “If only there was something that we could do about it.”said Kahega Gahbow meaning “he who stands forever”. “Hey hold on a second.” said 1 of the trees. “Why don’t we ask mother nature what to do?” he said. “Yeah that's a great idea!” said another tree. “Okay, let’s go to mother nature.”  The trees yelled for mother nature.

They cannot go to her because trees can't move. Mother nature heard the tree’s calls and rushed to see what the situation was. “What is going on over here?” she asked, in a sweet, melodious voice. The trees explained their problem to her. “Hmm, let me see what I can do.” she replied to the hopeful trees. Then at last, “Well, you have given the animals everything! They need YOU to survive! Hmmm, I am going to give you the power to fly for 1 week. Come to my nature palace and live with me for a week!” The trees were indeed very surprised! “Oh mother nature! How will that solve our problem?” one of the trees asked. “Lets see how the animals will do for a week without you. Perhaps, they might realize that they need you and shan’t make fun of the one who helps them.” She replied. The trees thought for a moment. “Lets go!” a chorus of voices yelled. Soon after, the trees noticed they were flying! “Wow! This is incredible!” kahega Gahbow exclaimed. “Yes! Amazing!” The other trees joined him. After a while the trees reached the palace and soon began living there. Meanwhile, back in the jungle, the monkey was hungry. “Hey! Where have the trees gone? I need to eat some FRUIT!” Right after that, the elephant came. “I am SO HOT! I need some shade under the tree.” The elephant repeated the same thing as the monkey said in shock.

The other animals of the jungle joined in too! After 2, 3 days, 3 newborn baby birds died due to less oxygen. 1 monkey starved to death with no food and the elephant collapsed with no shade. After a week the trees returned. “Oh! Where have you been? Some of the animals died without you!” the gorilla shouted. The trees remained silent. The animals realized that they shouldn’t make fun of the trees because they did so many things for them! Without the trees some of the animals died! The ashamed animals apologized and promised never to repeat the mistake again! The trees forgave them. After a couple of minutes,

Mother Nature appeared! The trees thanked her for the idea. Mother Nature smiled and said, “Thank you for being such kind, good creatures to the animals! You deserve an award!” She turned around and started creating something soft, pink and impressive on the tree branches. “These are called flowers. They will add to your look and will give you a sweet smell! This is your reward!” The trees were very happy and thanked Mother Nature again. She merely smiled and said, “Now I must take my leave of you. Goodbye good trees” and with that she was gone. All the creatures lived happily ever after in their small green jungle! 

The End!

Moral: Being good and helpful will soon bring you a reward!

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